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Clevo P180HM, What awesomeness begins with.

Clevo P180HM, What awesomeness begins with.

If the Clevo P180HM was car it would be a Lamborghini. If it was an airplane it would be and F-18. If it was a basketball player it would be Michael Jordan. The P180HM has to be known as the best thing on the market. Its external features are slicker than a ballroom dancer and its internal components work together like a philharmonic.

The screen is a massive 18.4-inch 1080p display of architectural expertise. Its over bearing FHD LED backlit display produces vivid images that will make you question your perception of reality. It’s a scary thing when a computer can compete with nature. The Clevo P180HM’s touch sensor buttons are from a sci-fi movie. What these buttons do is since the natural electrical charge the human body and uses it as a connection to guess what processes need to happen for the end user. This is on the edge of making the physical button obsolete.

This is a heavy piece of equipment tipping the scales at 12 pounds. The Clevo P180HM is not a computer that can be toted around in your backpack but it can move around better than your desktop. It is another technological innovation pushing to distance between the display and the keyboard closer together. The technology for laptops and desktops are becoming so comparable that now its becoming up to the consumer to figure out that having one piece of equipment is a lot easier than having two or three.

To the left of the keyboard are 8 Gaming Keys (G1-G8), which are programmable to whatever processes your heart desires. If you find yourself going through the same twenty keystrokes over and over again, this computer lets you consolidate all of those commands into one. This goes without further explanation of how much more effective your game playing will become once your killer combos are wedged into the strike of one button.

The games-changer on this juggernaut is the two GeForce GTX 560M graphic cards connected by SLI technology. SLI technology stands for Scalable Link Interface. The GTX 560M is already a high performing graphic card. Having two of these working together will make your jaw drop.

The Clevo P180HM in your arsenal will make you a better gamer. It has so many technological wonder working together that once you figure out how they all can work you’ll become unstoppable. Buy this computer and take over the world.


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