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The Alienware M18X AM18X-6732BAA is a beast and a half

The Alienware M18X AM18X-6732BAA is a beast and a half

The Alienware M18X AM18X-6732BAA is beastly. Alienware has a very competitive product going for it. Their external design is loud enough to catch anybody’s eye. The internal hardware is gaudy enough to back up the external flashy. It takes awhile to accept how Dell gets away with throwing products into the market without solid customer support. Regrettably they’ve been at this game for a while and pulled in $3.49 billion in profit last year, so they know what they are doing. It has to be restated how their customer support is dumpy. Beware; it can be a maddening experience. Imagine staving at a restaurants where its not allowed to use your mouth to eat the food, its that type of frustrating. On to the Alienware M18X AM18X-6732BAA, this is one crazy big, crazy performing bundle of craziness. For all of those who craving for an all-engrossing gaming experience where every inch of your reality is transported into a world of action, this is your ticket.

The Intel i7-2630QM is the processor for this gigantic package. It clocks a 2 GHz and with turbo boost it reaches up to 2.9GHz. This processing speed additionally with four core processors is sufficient for supporting whatever game is on the agenda. To house any forgettable items there is a tera byte of hard drive to put it. A tera-byte is so much memory that you wont even have to waste your time trying to remember your middle name.

The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M housing the top of the line system architecture for GPUs. This technology is on the ‘holy crap’ level of speed and ability. It took everything from the previous generation of high-powered graphic cards and added steroids.  Adding to the fact that it pumps all its work into the Alienware M18X AM18X-6732BAA‘s 18.4-inch wide LED screen will make the squeamish run in fear.

This is a risky machine. If the M18X AM18X-6732BAA is in perfect order then all it parts will make you another victim of its overpowering construction. If there is something wrong with the machine then you’ll waste away your days on hold with someone from Bangladore. The choice is yours so choose shrewdly.


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